Admission Q & A

Q.Please tell me about Ryonan Kindergarten uniforms
A.Ryonan Kindergarten reviewed its uniforms on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of its founding and adopted uniforms of Italian designer Roberta brand. It is sewn in consideration of children, such as the hanging is hard to slip and the button on the blouse is easy to put on. I think that you can wear it not only as a uniform, but also when going out. The simple and functional uniforms are well received by parents as neat and cute.

Q.I heard that Ryonan Kindergarten is a lunch, but is there no lunch?

A.Every Monday is a lunch day for everyone. On other days, lunch and lunch are optional. It doesn’t matter if you make a lunch or order a lunch. In addition, you can place an order in the morning, so you can use it with confidence even on days when you cannot make a lunch due to urgent need. Depending on the menu, curry day seems to be popular.

Q.Under tell us about the extra-curricular classroom again

 A.Introducing extracurricular classrooms at Ryonan Kindergarten.

Monday : Acorn Club (Gymnastics Class)

Tuesday : Acorn Club

Wednesday : Rhythmic Gymnastics Club, Piano Class

Thursday : Soccer class, Bibria (reading and writing class), piano class

there is. Approximately one hour after the end of childcare (14:00). For extracurricular classrooms that are divided into classes, it is possible to use childcare services provided by the burden of the classroom until the lesson starts, so it is possible to respond smoothly from the end of childcare to the exit.

Q.Please tell me the course of the garden bus

A.We will set up a new course every year. Considering the children who get on the car first, we are planning to return to the garden in about 30 minutes per course. Depending on the road, congestion may affect it, so it doesn’t stop there. However, it runs to Terao in the north, Shimofuta in Fujisawa City in the south, Shimofukuda in Yamato City in the east, and Hayakawa and Kuzuhara in the west. Also, because it affects childcare, we are organizing the course so that the final bus can return by 9:30.

Q.Do you have childcare services?

 A.There is. It’s called Rakko Club . After childcare on Monday to Friday, we will keep it until 6 pm. A full-time kindergarten teacher takes care of your child so that they can relax in a homely atmosphere. If you stay until 3 pm, a snack will be served. We also provide childcare during long holidays (summer vacation, winter vacation, spring vacation). Please contact us for more details.

Q.Please tell where to go to school

 A.Nearly half of the graduates are in the neighboring Ryonan Elementary School. The other half are going to various elementary schools including suburbs, Ochiai, Ayase Ko, Fujisawa Fujimidai, Chogo, Shimofukuda Elementary School in Yamato City, etc. I often hear the story that “it is safe for those who have many friends at the school to go to”, but since children can make friends soon and they can go to school well, please do not worry about school districts and so on.

About recruitment of children for 2021

Recruitment schedule

Recruitment Three-year childcare: 20 students from April 2, H29 to April 1, H30
Two-year childcare: 50 students born from April 2, H28 to April 1, H29
One year childcare: H27, April 2, H28, April 1, several names
Distribution of application forms R2 October 15 (Thu) 9:00-
Application reception/examination R2 November 1 (Mon) 9:00-
One day admission (Explanatory session after admission decision) It is scheduled on Wednesday, February 3rd and Tuesday, March 23rd.

Kindergarten tour

If you would like to visit, please contact the garden. We will adjust the schedule.

*We also hold a “naughty party” for children before entering the park.

>> Naughty party

About the cost

The payments for fiscal 2021 are as follows.

*Other expenses such as excursions and camping expenses are actual expenses

Application form 500 yen
Examination fee 5,000 yen
entrance fee Child 30,000 yen 60,000 yen year-round
Uniform cost

11,400 yen (gymnastic shirt, gymnastic pants, smock, bag)

Children aged 4,5:

Men’s 24,200 yen

[Gymnastic shirt, gymnastic pants, blouse short and long sleeves, pants, bag]

Women’s 23,100 yen

[Gymnastic shirt, gymnastic pants, blouse short/long sleeves, skirt, bag]

*Knit cardigan (14,000 yen), trewear (3,500 yen), tre pants (3,200 yen), worn on a gym shirt, if desired.

Teaching aid fee Approximately 9,000 yen [set of disaster prevention hood, tool box, art supplies tools, etc.] *There is no monthly fee collection
Childcare fee [monthly]

Facility maintenance cost


3-year-old child 28,000 yen 4.5-year-old child 27,000 yen (with compensation of 25,700 yen for free) The difference is collected as a childcare fee. Facility maintenance fee 30,000 yen (delivered at the time of promotion)
Bus fee [monthly] Round trip 3,465 yen One way 2,205 yen
Milk fee [annual] 9,600 yen (3,200 yen x 3 times)
Air conditioning cost (annual) 5,000 yen
Parents’ membership fee (annual) 3,600 yen

Custody childcare (payment with a prepaid card)

Payment will be made using the card you charged prior to payment. It is 200 yen per hour.

*A separate fee will be charged for the custody event during summer vacation.

For those who have not entered the park
Information for preschoolers class

Would you like to come to play first?

Ryonan Kindergarten holds classes for preschoolers. Whether you are entering the park or not, please feel free to visit us.

Click here for details

Child-rearing postcard communication

Child-rearing postcard communication

Ayanan Kindergarten publishes child-rearing postcard newsletters that regularly deliver child-rearing information. We will send it regardless of whether you are in the park or not.