Ryonan Kids

りょうなんキッズIn the 2-year-old classroom, there are many fun activity programs such as exercise play, expression play, and modeling play. Parents and children are also making new attempts, such as picking pears, digging potatoes, and incorporating the experience of eating lunch boxes. We hold classes on Tuesdays and Fridays 27 times a year. Childcare hours from May to July start from 10:00 to 11:30 as a parent-child class, but from September to February, mother and child are separated, and childcare hours are extended by 30 minutes from 10:00 to 12:00, Only children will do it.
In addition, this year’s 1-year-old class will be held 18 times a year from May to February (closed in August), childcare hours from 9:50 to 10:40, and every other Wednesday. We have fun programs such as parent-child contact play, picture books, and rhythm play.

2021 2-year-old Ryonan Kids Information

* Target age H30.4.2-H31.4.1

* Class Tuesday class / Friday class (capacity: about 15 people each) * Average 3 times a month

* Hours 10: 00-11: 30 / When mother and child are separated (September-) 10: 00-12: 00

* Monthly membership fee 3,000 yen / When mother and child are separated (September-) 4,000 yen

* Admission fee 2,000 yen (1,000 yen will be reduced if you continue from the 1-year-old parent-child class)

* Collection of actual picture book charges

2020 Ryonan Kids 1 year old parent and child class information

* Target age H30.4.2-H31.4.1

* Class Wednesday class held every other week (capacity: about 15 people) * About 18 times a year

* Time 9: 50-10: 40

* Monthly membership fee 1,000 yen

* Admission fee 1,000 yen


Naughty party

わんぱくパーティーA naughty party is a play party for children before entering the park. Anyone with a preschooler’s child can participate.
A total of 8 times from April to December. We provide one-point advice on child-rearing with postcards every month and kindergarten newsletters issued twice a year. If you would like to be notified, please let us know your address, infant name, and telephone number by e-mail (application for child-rearing postcard communication below).

2020 Naughty Party Date

Open Kids Day  Stop Hall
1st  Stop Hall
2nd June 17th (Wednesday) Playground
3rd Wednesday, July 8 Playing in the water
4th September 9th (Wednesday) Nursery room
5th Wednesday, October 21 Playground
6th Wednesday, November 25 Hall
7th Wednesday, December 23 Hall


* No reservation is required. You will be able to participate by completing the procedures at the reception on the day.

* From May, 500 yen will be collected as a registration fee when you participate for the first time. 

* Please prepare a plastic bag to put your shoes on and put on your shoes.

Opening the garden

Currently, the garden is not open.。

* It will not be open during the spring, summer, and winter vacations of the garden.

Child-rearing postcard communication

Sea otter club (childcare)

らっこクラブSea otter clubs are childcare services that are held from Monday to Friday until 6 pm after the end of childcare. If you stay until after 3 o’clock, eat a snack. A full-time kindergarten teacher takes care of your child so that they can relax in a homely atmosphere. Childcare is open even during long vacations such as summer vacation, winter vacation, and spring vacation. Please contact the garden for details.

Summer vacation special event (2019)

  • July 22 (Monday) Nagashi Somen
  • July 23 (Tuesday) Nagashi Somen
  • Wednesday, July 24, Bosai no Oka Park
  • July 25 (Thursday) Nagashi Somen
  • July 26th (Friday) Making a water gun
  • Monday, July 29, Aikawa Park

Winter vacation special event (2012)

  • December 27th (Tuesday) Making cookies
For those who have not entered the park
Information for preschoolers class

Would you like to come to play first?

Ryonan Kindergarten holds classes for preschoolers. Whether you are entering the park or not, please feel free to visit us.

Click here for details

Child-rearing postcard communication

Child-rearing postcard communication

Ayanan Kindergarten publishes child-rearing postcard newsletters that regularly deliver child-rearing information. We will send it regardless of whether you are in the park or not.