Kindergarten email

The kindergarten mail system is a system that accepts registrations from mobile phones, notifications of absences and applications for custody, orders for school lunches, changes in boarding and alighting of the garden bus, etc., sent to each address at a convenient time. You need to register your mobile phone address only for the first time. Please enter the class name and name in the subject or body and send. Please register again when you change your address.

In case of an emergency, you can receive information from the kindergarten.

If you do not receive a reply from the reception email, the procedure may not be completed.

* This service is available only to parents of children in kindergarten.

※ Only available for mobile phones and smartphones
Please send the required email from the menu below.

Please note: Class name and name for registration

Why are you absent?

Scheduled pick-up time for sea otter club

Please let us know about the bus in the morning and on the way back.


(1) Registration

(2) Absence

(3) Sea otter

(4) Change of getting on and off the garden bus

(5) Lunch order

For those who have not entered the park
Information for preschoolers class

Would you like to come to play first?

Ryonan Kindergarten holds classes for preschoolers. Whether you are entering the park or not, please feel free to visit us.

Click here for details

Child-rearing postcard communication

Child-rearing postcard communication

Ayanan Kindergarten publishes child-rearing postcard newsletters that regularly deliver child-rearing information. We will send it regardless of whether you are in the park or not.