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Garden life |

The flow of the day

8:00 Staff attendance Staff will go to work one after another. Notifications such as absenteeism and school lunch orders will begin to come in.
8:15 Garden bus departure There will be a garden bus. The teacher is busy setting the playground equipment in the garden and preparing to welcome the children.
8:45 Sequential attendance Children on the bus will come around 8:30. Walking to the park is from 8:45 to 9:00 . Change clothes and put a sticker on the good morning book. The teacher will inspect the children and confirm their attendance.
9:30 Favorite play time The last bus course will arrive and the park will be completed.
For the next hour or so, the children will be fully immersed in the play.
10:15 Clean up It’s about time to clean up. We will clean up what we used and return to each class.
10:30 Class activity Class activities will begin. The content varies depending on the class and grade.
We will work according to the plan. It is also important to have the same experience.
11:30 Lunch time Bento is one of the fun things for children.
It’s time to cherish the deliciousness of the bento that you eat with your friends.
12:30 Free play After eating the lunch box, we all have a “feast”.
We do class activities and play in the garden until we get out of the garden.
13:00 Preparing for your return I’m ready to go home.
Clean up and change clothes. Ask them to listen to stories and read their favorite books and picture-story shows.
14:00 Sequential disembarkation The children of the first bus course will leave the park one step ahead from 13:50. Do you have anything left behind?
Fuen of walking kindergarten is 2:00 p.m. to 2:15 p.m. is.
〜18:00 Sea otter club
You can use it when you need it, such as for work or business. It is also an afternoon playground for children who want to play more.
* Summer, winter, and spring breaks are also held.

Annual events

April * Entrance ceremony / opening ceremony / home visit
May * Mother’s Day Meeting / * Parent-Child Excursion / Internal Medicine / Dental Examination / Traffic Safety Guidance
June * Father’s Day party / rice planting / potato digging / pool opening
July Tanabata no Kai / Corn Harvesting / Nishitanzawa Camp (Senior) / * Cool Evening
August Summer childcare / pear picking
September * Disaster prevention delivery training / Peanut digging (older) / * Respect for the Aged Day
October * Athletic meet / potato digging / rice harvesting
November Horseback riding (older) / Shichigosan / Parents’ association event
December Mochitsuki / Christmas party
January Puppet theater / Dango making / Social tour
February * Presentation
March Potato seed potato planting / farewell excursion / farewell party / * graduation ceremony


* * Marks are events for parents to participate.

* Monthly event: Birthday party, good friend DAY (2 to 3 times a month)

Safety Initiatives

Disaster prevention well

In the event of a disaster, we received a subsidy from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology to set up a disaster prevention well to secure drinking water and domestic water. This disaster prevention well is well water pumped from 50 meters underground equipped with a filtration purification system with an automatic cleaning system so that it can be drunk. In the event of a power outage, it can be pumped up by the built-in generator. It is important to secure drinking water, and I think it will be useful not only for children but also for neighboring residents. I usually use it as a normal outdoor sink for kindergarten children.

IC tag

We have introduced a system that manages whether or not the children have entered or exited the park. This is because all kindergarten backpacks have the distributed IC tags attached. A reader (reader) is installed at the front and back gates of the garden, and it instantly grasps whether or not the children have passed through it. It is an effective system for daily attendance management, crime prevention, and emergency disasters.

Mobile email

We have introduced a mobile mail system as a means of daily communication and as a communication system in the event of a disaster. Notifications can be sent to parents’ mobile phones in the event of an emergency or disaster.

Notification device to security company

We have a hotline where you can call the security company in the event of an emergency. The security company will instantly send a report to the police.

surveillance camera

Security cameras are installed in the park to monitor daily suspicious persons, nighttime monitoring, and rooftop monitoring where daily access is prohibited, contributing to the safety of children. ..

For those who have not entered the park
Information for preschoolers class

Would you like to come to play first?

Ryonan Kindergarten holds classes for preschoolers. Whether you are entering the park or not, please feel free to visit us.

Click here for details

Child-rearing postcard communication

Child-rearing postcard communication

Ayanan Kindergarten publishes child-rearing postcard newsletters that regularly deliver child-rearing information. We will send it regardless of whether you are in the park or not.