“Why?” “It’s done!”

I’m making a lot of new discoveries.

It’s something adults don’t notice,

It comes from the smallest of things.

For children full of curiosity,

Creating a place for you to experience yourself

We believe it will be nutrition for growth.

Education to derive, not education to give.

Our slogan with such thoughts is

“I’m thrilled”

In a green environment and warm human relations

Absorb a lot of emotion,

I hope you can grow up with energy.

Dream bulge

Let’s get full of dreams!

Kindergarten is a place where children can experience the excitement of “I was able to do it for the first time…”.

What you should not forget in a once-in-a-lifetime kindergarten era that you cannot go back, is to experience and be moved by various things and relationships. To release the mind and cultivate the foundation of a healthy body. Ryonan Kindergarten is a rich environment where children can freely find their own play and interact with friends and nursery teachers in a rich environment rather than the prohibition rules, preschool education, and trained education. I want to value what I can do.

I hope that each and every child will grow up small and emotionally and physically and healthily.

Educational goals

A child who thinks well and thinks from the heart

Especially important for education

Educational goals 1◇Ryonan kindergarten always considers “play” as the center of childcare. Children need a time and space where they can feel free to immerse themselves in play, and from that they develop sociality. We place great importance on such time and space.

◇A childcare worker who always contacts with children. Being neither a mother nor a friend nor an older sister, this kind of childcare worker has a great influence on children. We are committed to bright, kind, and kind childcare.


Educational goals 2◇Nature is an important environment for children. As the land is becoming more residential, greenery is gradually being lost in the vicinity. There are rice fields where rice can be grown and fields where vegetables can be harvested. You can chase insects on the soft soil in such a garden, and play as a dram. We value such an environment above all.

◇Parenting must be promoted through good relationships among the children, parents and kindergarten. Ryonan kindergarten keeps close contact with the family through newsletters and other newsletters, childcare visits, round-table conferences, and contact books.

Development of ambitious childcare

Vertical childcare

With the declining birthrate and fewer brothers and sisters, and less play with older brothers and sisters in the neighborhood, it is an experience that I would like to cherish the relationship between different age groups. You will naturally learn how to live in the garden by living with an older child who has experienced living in the garden for one year. Half of the classes are older children who are advanced children, and the other half are newly enrolled children who have been promoted from three-year childcare. In other words, there are few children in the class who are completely new to kindergarten life. Therefore, even in the new year of April, you can start a smoother garden life compared to other gardens. This difference is large.

Good friend day

From the time I got used to living in the garden, I will hold childcare once a week by disassembling the class. Set up several corners, the children themselves choose their own activities and play from the park to the park. The childcare staff will be in charge of each corner, and will provide childcare while respecting independence and independence while also discovering new things.

Relationship with nature

Planting flowers, harvesting vegetables, and interacting with animals are indispensable for nurturing the hearts of young children, such as the mystery, greatness, and preciousness of life. Children open and absorb in the rich natural environment of each season.

Physical education

What is important for children is not only the ability to climb up, jump boxes, and exercise on mats. Enjoy basic movements such as running, jumping, and throwing while sweating. The wide and soft garden gently accepts such children. A full-time male instructor will happily teach middle-aged and older children.

Music play

Pianica and drums. When it comes to music, it seems that many people immediately associate it with a drum and flute. Ryonan music is a song first. Start by singing fun and correctly. You will enjoy the sound like a letter and learn how to use the correct instrument. A full-time male teacher carefully teaches all children.

Encounter with picture books

Picture books nurture children’s dreams and ensure their encounter with culture. Even if you can’t read the text, just looking at the picture is fun. I like books. This not only becomes the basis of schoolwork from elementary school, but also enriches life. Children will come across various picture books in a bright and fulfilling library. Older children are also trying to read picture books aloud. The purpose is not to read the text but to get interested in the picture book and text. As a result, you will gradually be able to read picture books with hiragana, katakana, and kanji.

Educational environment



In 1996, it was completely rebuilt from the national soundproofing assistance project. The modern reinforced concrete building is a safe and comfortable facility that has been devised everywhere. The latest modern facility in the city. Utilizing the characteristics of reinforced concrete that is cool in the summer and warm in the winter, the cooling and heating efficiency is extremely high and comfortable.



Toilets must be the most accessible places for young children. With the image of dark, dirty, and odorous 3K, we installed a bright, clean, and comfortable toilet in a bright place facing south. Western and Japanese styles for infants are installed in a well-balanced manner so that they can be used for all children. The floor is kept dry and clean, especially since boys may not be able to take off their pants.



Playground equipment is a compan with a well-established reputation for safety. The red and orange playground equipment that you often see in parks is Compan. Our compan is of European specifications and has a soothing color that is rarely seen in Japan. Careful enough to set up, the sand carried into the play equipment 1 meter below will softly catch the impact even if it falls. A playground equipment that is very popular with children. The garden is large, designed to be soft and well-drained so that it will not be injured if a child falls.



In the farm next to the kindergarten, seasonal vegetables are grown. In addition to harvesting potatoes and sweet potatoes, paddy rice is cultivated in rice paddies, and you can eat your own rice cake in December. From seedling production to rice planting, harvesting, and rice polishing, everything is done in the garden. Pesticide is safe rice that is not used at all. Older children experience rice planting and harvesting. The vegetables cultivated in this farm are the ingredients for cooking on a regular good day.

For those who have not entered the park
Information for preschoolers class

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Ryonan Kindergarten holds classes for preschoolers. Whether you are entering the park or not, please feel free to visit us.

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Child-rearing postcard communication

Child-rearing postcard communication

Ayanan Kindergarten publishes child-rearing postcard newsletters that regularly deliver child-rearing information. We will send it regardless of whether you are in the park or not.